Friday, 20 July 2012

Ramadan Mubarech


Ramazan'iniz kutlu olsun
Ramazan mubarek olsun
Rumadahn Mubarach

Ramazan Kutlu Olsun

Ramazan'iniz mubarek olsun
Ramazan mubarek olsun
Rumadahn Mubarach

Have a Blessed and Merry Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak
Ramazan Mubarek
Kutlu Ramazanlar

Monday, 7 May 2012

Western Muslim women are no longer a minority

You will know if you are part of a popular idea if you still think of Western Muslim women as a minority in their community. If you're a Muslim you may feel comfortable feeling like a minority because being a majority comes with presence. If you're a non-Muslim you may not wish Muslims the liberties you yourself have in having your values served by people like you or unlike you. Whatever you may feel and for whatever reasons your beliefs, you may belong to a large community of people with misinformation.

There may be many reasons behind this. If you're a Muslim you may be an Apologist presenting yourself like you share beliefs with other religions to feel accepted and that you must assimilate instead of integrate like everybody else, and if you're a non-Muslim you may be, again, a Purist. Or you may simply have not been told. Whatever it may be, if you believe Western Muslim women are a minority and you own a retail store then this belief will directly affect you more than others. If your Muslim customers' needs are not met as a majority people, then this traditional approach will ultimately marginalise you and your business.

If all Western women are not given the same quality service and their needs met, then some of them will have to shop online and not locally, including myself. We, Western Muslims, are a majority keeping our nations economy afloat- we have been for centuries, and you should be as proud as I am.

Please don't assume I don't exist. The majority of companies aware of contemporary values will establish themselves among all majority peoples and give them quality service and develop their trust, and will establish themselves sooner than those who fall behind in their game in the name Purism. Ultimately, the customer will decide if your service is of high quality.

I am a Western women, and I was pleasantly surprised for a fashion website realising they can cater and serve all Western women and not marginalise themselves. I'm ending todays post by sharing with you my posted compliments to


I congratulate you for your modern attitude towards women. It's satisfying to know a popular mainstream website like yours, recognises that Muslim women are not a minority.Your quality service is appreciated.

Hijab Moda

Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Fabric interwoven with faith"

  Hijab House "Laneway Luxe" collection by Tarik Houchar.

To read the article please go here.

Hijab Moda

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Intro :)


I hope to share with you a variety of feminine fashionable pieces, especially street fashion, which I particularly love.

Hijab Moda